Workflow Manager

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Get your team on track, delegate tasks, and streamline work across departments with the ultimate helper!
ZoomSphere Workflow Manager.A list of four tasks in Workflow Manager.A task in Workflow Manager about reposting UGC.
Two tasks in Workflow Manager.Two tasks in a Workflow Manager column named In progress.Two tasks in a Workflow Manager column named Done.
An interface of Workflow Manager with different tasks.

Powerful Management Tool

Store and organize the entire team's tasks
Simplify your team's workflow with ZoomSphere's internal task management. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress all in one place.
A task in a Workflow Manager column named To do.A task in a Workflow Manager column named Accepted.
Manage your clients’ content requests
Handle all your clients' content requests. Gather, organize, and prioritize requests, ensuring seamless communication and content delivery.
"Content Requests" column in the Workflow Manager."In Progress" column in the Workflow Manager.A task in the Workflow Manager.A task in the Workflow Manager.
Organize Content Ideas Within Your Team
Use Workflow Manager to collect all your team's content ideas in one place.
An Idea format in the Scheduler.Facebook post in the "In Progress" status."Approved Ideas" column in the Workflow Manager.
Keep an Eye on Your Freelancer Collaborations
Assign tasks and track the progress of your freelancer partnerships.
"To Do" column in the Workflow Manager.Process of creating a task in Workflow Manager about setting up an Instagram campaign.

What else is waiting for you?

Assign each card to your teammate
Stay organized by assigning one or more people to handle each task. Plus, you can filter tasks that were assigned to you with ease.
Set deadlines for your tasks
Have you ever forgotten an important task? Set a deadline for each of them and be reminded of any approaching due date by red highlight!
Create a to-do list in each card
Break down a big task into smaller ones for easier progress tracking. And remember to check it off once it's finished.
Boost your team's productivity
Juggling all your tasks can be a challenge sometimes, so jot them all down in one place to boost the team's productivity.

Want to see Workflow Manager in action?

Try ZoomSphere on your own, or pick a date, and we'll walk you through our tool step by step!
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Workflow Manager
Master project management for your team or department with ease.
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