Prices of individual apps

Below you will find a list of all our apps and their prices. If you are interested in further information about selected apps, click on the “Products” link in the header or the “More info” link next to the app.

Social Media Benchmarking Tool

Social Media Benchmarking Tool

Look at the metrics from your social media performance, such as fan growth, the number of interactions on your content and compare that to your competitors.

€89 /month
Start a 31-day free trial
Social Media & Web Monitoring Tool

Social Media & Web Monitoring Tool

Collect data from specified social media pages and profiles. Monitor keywords, topics, hashtags and @mentions across blogs, news sites and social networks.

€149 /month
Start a 31-day free trial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out Zoomsphere for free?

Yes! We offer 31 days free trial. No strings attached and no credit card required. :)

But what if I need more time to test the application to make the final decision?

In that case, make sure to reach out to our Business team who will come up with a suitable solution for you.

How many users and social media account can I connect into my Zoomsphere account?

The number of users, social media accounts and the number of monitoring searches are unlimited in Zoomsphere. Our pricing plan is module bases, which means you pay for modules you decide to use, and the price remains the same even if your team grows double in size! Pretty cool, right? :)

What subscriptions do you offer?

You can opt for monthly or yearly subscription plans and we will set up the invoicing accordingly.

What payment options do you support?

Currently, we support electronic invoicing only. However, soon you will be able to pay by credit card for your Zoomsphere subscription. Stay tuned. :)

Do you offer any discounts with yearly payments?

If you choose a yearly subscription we offer an additional 10 % discount from your total yearly price.

Do you offer any discounts if I purchase all available modules?

If you want to purchase Zoomsphere in the full scope (i.e. all available modules and add ons) please contact our Business team to receive a customised quote.

Does the final price include VAT?

Our prices do not include VAT.

I have tested Zoomsphere in the past and I cannot create a new demo account with the same email address. How can I test Zoomsphere with the same email address again?

Reach out to our Support team at and our team will help you to unblock your email address.